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What is the Get Pulsed™ program?

Get Pulsed™ nationally accredited fitness format incorporates customized music, dance, and toning. Taking everyday dance moves and turning them into fitness, the program integrates weights to add to the toning phase of the workout. With easy to follow choreography, participants burn 600+ calories. Cueing techniques includes verbal and non-verbal communication along with vocalizing the cues.(singing) The Vocalized Cueing technique enables the participant to remember the steps while singing them back to the instructor.


In short, #GetPulsed is Fitness but also has become a viral term used to motivate those who are into starting their fitness journey into a healthier and fit lifestyle along with incorporating dance and toning into the program.




About the Get Pulsed™ program?


  • Cardio – Get your heart rate up! Burn 600 or more calories in a 1-hour session. 


  • Weights- Safely utilizing weights while dancing allows the student to tone during the workout. The use of dumbbells 1-5lbs along with repetition assist with the toning phase of the workout.


  • Choreography: The steps are easy to follow and allow the students to feel like they are a part of a fitness party that motivates them to keep moving.  We take everyday dance moves and provide various levels of fitness. For an example, the lower impact may be a step touch, medium impact a salsa incorporating arms and utilizing a squat for a higher impact workout. All done to music on the same counts.


  • The Music: The customized music designed for the program fits every move in the routine which allows the student to identify the move with the music.


  • Move with Ease: Not only the veteran dancer but those that are new to the program can follow with ease, especially with the instructions for the certified instructor. 


  • Cueing: Cueing techniques includes verbal and non-verbal communication along vocalizing the cues.(singing) The Vocalized Cueing technique enables the student to remember the steps because they sing them back to the Instructor as part of the music.


  • Results: The cardio-based program tones the body while participants achieve the desired goal for their body and health. The program also focusses on building endurance while sculpting.


How was Get Pulsed™  founded?


The program was started by licensed/certified instructor, Alana Sanders whom taught the art of dance fitness and saw a need for more. Students were losing the weight but were frustrated that they were not getting toned. Alana, came up with Get Pulsed™ to incorporate moves into the program that tones the body or utilizing weights to coincide with the moves/routines that are safe while dancing.


Alana has been trained in the arts of ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop dance. She started changing up the program of Dance fitness to make it more fun and updated. Incorporating the latest moves and weights has filled her classes to 65 to 300 students on a daily basis. She has been featured on many major networks and Expos as the headline fitness instructor to bring a different element to various events. Alana is known for her International Fitness Parties hosted at a notable theme park annually. Instructors and Students from all over come to experience Get Pulsed to get ideas to bring back to their classrooms/studios.


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