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  • How to become an instructor?
    Participate in one of the Get Pulsed Instructor's Trainings and maintain Annual licensing to the music and to use the branded materials. Instructors Receive a Certification to teach the program.
  • How long is a Instructor's Certification Training?
    The Session is eight hours in length and must be completed in its entirety to receive credits or certification. Within this training you will learn: Get Pulsed choreography Various dance fitness techniques that incorporate the toning component; utilizing 1lb to 5lb weights Proper way to use weights in Dance Fitness Providing options for your students on various levels of fitness Selecting your music Cueing Techniques (Verbal vs Visual) Vocalizing Cues How to effectively choreograph steps to music Effective Warm-ups and Cool-downs Marketing for fitness instructors. Get Pulsed, believes in educating instructors to make them more effective in their craft. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your goals as a successful instructor. Get Pulsed !
  • Can I receive Career Education Credits?
    Yes! Get Pulsed is accredited through AFAA and NASM. Trainee's can receive 7 CECs and .07 CEUs once they have completed the training.
  • What type of Music does Get Pulsed use?
    Get Pulsed provides orginal music and mixes to their instructors. Music genres such as New Orleans Bounce, Hip-Hop, Latin, Caribbean and more...
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