Frequently asked questions

Should I sell my current home before purchasing a new one?

There is no “correct” answer to this question. There are pros and cons to buying a home before selling your current home and the same can be said about selling your current home, before buying another.

What improvements will help my home sell quickly?

Start with the basics. Declutter (limit personal effects) fix all minor mechanical issues (such as loose doorknobs and leaky plumbing), clean everything well, keep the yard maintained, and put fresh pine straw or mulch in the flower beds. Power wash decks and other surfaces if needed.

Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?

YES! There are tons of reasons why you should talk with a bank and get pre-approved before looking at homes. First and foremost, talking with a bank before looking at homes can help you understand exactly how much you can afford. There is no reason to look at homes that are listed for $500,000 if you can only afford up to $400,000.

Will you hold an open house?

Open houses may make you feel good, since people are stopping by to see your home, but they are rarely effective for producing a sale. These events usually draw prospects just beginning to look at homes. They are getting a feel for the market and are not usually ready to make a commitment, even if they love your home. Often the “visitors” are curious neighbors. Our professional marketing plan will offer more effective ways to sell your home.